‘Ital’ Veganuary Feasting Box for 2

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A veganuary feasting box packed with Caribbean Family Flavours direct to your door with #wadadlikitchenathome.  A little love In your tummy this January from our family to yours. A hand-picked selection of our award-winning dishes from Celebrity Chef and founder Andi Oliver.

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The Wadadli Kitchen mixologist has also curated matching bottled cocktails that pair perfectly with our menu boxes and dishes.  Each bottled cocktail contains 4 servings. 

Wadadli Cocktail Choice 2

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Andi Oliver’s Famous Wadadli Kitchen Mushroom Umami Curry (S)(C)(G)(V)

A roasted curried mushroom umami hit, load on to your fries for a unique Wadadli Kitchen flavour BOMB!

Golden Tamarind Tofu (S)(G)(V)

We press our tofu overnight for texture, then it’s seared and topped with tamarind and smoked chilli

Wadadli Kitchen Orange & Ginger Crispy Aubergine (S)(G)(V)

Double fried, delectable and sticky aubergine drenched in our fiery orange, ginger and chilli finishing syrup

Plant-Based Mac & Cheese (S)(C)(G)(V)

Gooey, luscious, double vegan cheese macaroni. A big fat slice of Wadadli Kitchen indulgence

Fried Plantain (V)

Golden, sweet and gorgeous

Fries (G)(V)

Steeped in deeply flavoursome turmeric oil and double cooked to crisp perfection 

Green Slaw (V)

So fresh and so clean! Green apple, cucumber, sugar snaps, green leaves and spring onions combined with fresh green herbs and zingy lime. Bright fresh and decidedly moreish

Coco Bread (G)(V)

Fresh from Dalston’s family-run Rainbow bakery, established in 1987, coco bread is enriched with coconut milk giving it a natural hint of sweetness – Our Caribbean Brioche!

Andi Oliver’s Hot Sauce (G)(V)

Our unique roasted hot sauce is made fresh for you in the Wadadli kitchen.

Roasted scotch bonnets, tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs and spices with molasses and just a whisper of sweetness

Escovitch Pickle (G)(V)

Wafer thin onions and scotch bonnet in a tangy aromatic pickling liquor 

Scotch Bonnet Salt (V)

Fierce and fiery! Dehydrated scotch bonnets blitzed into a powder, combined with turmeric and sea salt flakes to sprinkle everywhere!

(D) = Dairy, (G) = Gluten, (C) = Celery, (N) = Nuts, (S) = Soya, (V) = Vegan, (VE) = Vegetarian

Our Wadadli Kitchen mixologist has curated matching bottled cocktails and wine pairings that can be added to each box.  

Wadadli Kitchen Cocktail :(four serving per bottle)

Our boxes are designed to be shared and enjoyed with friends and family with a choice of boxes for 2, 4 or 6 people. Spending time with our loved ones has become increasingly precious, it’s not as easy to get out and celebrate, eat good food, or be together. So, if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you!

Mix and match the box, your way.

We do have one serving suggestion though…

To make Andi Oliver’s famous loaded fries. Take Wadadli Kitchen Mushroom Umami Curry and simply pour all over the Fries. Yes yes we know, thank us later! 

Please take photos of your creations #wadadlikitchenathome